Baggage Claim Form
This claim form must be completed by the claimant and returned to an Etihad Airways office. Copies of Passport, Baggage Claim Tags, Passenger Ticket and Excess Weight Ticket must be attached along with the completed form. If more than one piece of baggage is delayed, a separate list of contents and description of each bag is required. All delayed baggage must be reported immediately to Etihad Airways (or our Ground Handling Agent) located within the baggage reclaim area at all airports. Please type or print legibly and retain a copy of this form and all documents for your records.
Claim for   Delay Damage Lost Items
Section 1
All guests making a claim for delayed baggage must include details of their bag(s) and contents, including description and cost of purchase. These details along with purchase receipts must be sent to us with this completed claim form before any settlement is considered.

Claims will be assessed in line with our Conditions of Carriage and depreciation will be deducted.
First name Surname
Permanent address Temporary address
Residence telephone    Business telephone   
E-mail File reference number
Section 2 – Your journey details
+ Add   - Remove
From To Flight number Date of departure
Section 3
Section 4
Checked Baggage
Was your baggage checked in?  
Yes No
Total bags checked in
Total weight of checked in baggage
Number of missing bags
Estimated weight of delayed baggage
When / were the bags last seen

When and where the loss wasfirst reported:

Was loss reported to another airline?
Yes No
If Yes, which airline ?
Baggage tagged to (city shown on tag)
Does your name reflect on your baggage ?
Yes No
Is there any other name on your bag apart from your own ?
Yes No
If Yes, please give details
Was an Excess Valuation declared?
Yes No
(If Yes, include receipt copy)
Amount Declared 
Excess Valuation Receipt number
(please attach copy of receipt to this claim

Unchecked Baggage
Please describe type of delayed possessions if you wish to claim for unchecked baggage
If you did not notify Etihad Airways of the delay immediately at the airport, please state reason for delay
Was your bag insured ?
Yes No
Have you notified your insurers ?
Yes No
Insurance company name, address and telephone number
Section 5 –The Type of Bag
Description of Missing baggage - Type/colour/material/brand/individual markings or other form of ID. Does it have zipper/locks/straps/wheels/etc.
Bag Type Bag Colour Bag Brand Retractable Handle Combination Lock Bag with zipper ? Date & Place of purchase Please upload receipts
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Amount Claimed (please specify currency)
Section 6 – Content of Bag
+ Add   - Remove
Due to the similarity in appearance of most baggage, it is essential to have an accurate list of contents of your baggage. Please attach receipts or verification of purchase for all items you list. If you are missing more than one bag, complete a separate form for each.
Item Quantity Description
Purchased From Purchase Date Original Price Amount Claimed
Amount Claimed (please specify currency)
Total Amount claimed in AED or equivalent currency)
Section 7
Please upload your passport and other details.
Copy of your passport :
Copies of your ticket itinerary :
Baggage tags :
Purchase receipts :
Repair estimates (damage only) :
Other :
*Please kindly note that size of each file should not exceed more than 1 MB
I declare that I am the owner of the baggage. Further I declare that this statement and those on the accompanying form(s) and receipt(s) are accurate, complete and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to indemnify Etihad Airways against claims of any others with respect to this property. Should Etihad Airways demonstrate that any of my claims on these forms are false, Etihad Airways shall have the right to recover any amounts paid based on false statements.
Please attach copies of passenger ticket, baggage claim tags, copies of your passport and purchase receipts along with claim form